Gemstones Expo in Offenburg

The Gemstones Expo in Offenburg takes place on 28. + 29. March 2020. Numerous exhibitors from within the country and from foreign countries offer an impressive variety of the treasures of this world for sale. The range includes imaginatively cut gemstones, raw stones, rare mineral degrees, meteorites, ancient fossils, crystals, healing stones, collector items, esotericism, handcrafted stone objects and much more. Lovers of precious jewelery will equally get their money's worth as the offered range of stone necklaces, gold and silver rings, necklaces, earrings with or without stone, pearl jewelery and handmade unique jewelery make a woman's heart beat faster...

For creative people who like to create their own jewelery, a large selection of gemstones, loose pearls and jewelery accessories can be found at the Gemstones Expo. Moreover, all visitors - whether big or small - can grind their own gemstone for little money on the spot!

Enjoy the treasures of nature - a spledid event for the whole family!



  • 16/01/2019

    We are happy to welcome the following exhibitors:

    Werner Werling

    Bernhard Winterhalter

    Bazard Sud

    Hans Gordner OHG

    Die Schmuckwerkstatt

    Edel- und Schmucksteine Dieter Stephan

    Müller Kokot

    Lucky Stone Enterprises

    Mineralien-Fachhandel Jörg Schlyia

  • 03/01/2019

    Thanks for your participation!

    Walter Goerg e. K.

    Van Meggelen Mineralien

    Mineralien Timmer


    Raheja Exports

    Galerie P. F.

    Steinkunst Atelier

  • 16/11/2018

    We are glad to announce the following exhibitors:

    Zyani Mineral

    Surce d'Atlas

    Hans Niesen



    Manik GmbH

    RUBIN Edelsteine u. mehr

    CFH Opale


    Marion Frtzsche


    Schmuckwaren Mondre

  • 01/11/2018

    Thank you for your registration:

    Galerie Bachperle


    Edelsteinhaus Erwin Hess

    Gemini Gemstones


    Maximilian Jewellery

    Andrea Steffen

    Peter Peiner Gemstones

    Ezzaoui Mineral

  • 15/04/2018

    We are happy to welcome the following exhibitors:



    Khyber Stone

  • 04/04/2018

    Today, we can welcome the following exhibitors:

    Mineralien und Fossilien

    Otmar Becker


  • At a glance


    Next date
    28. + 29. March 2020
    Exhibition Center Offenburg
    Southwest of Germany

    Opening hours
    Daily 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

  • Tickets

    Single day ticket:
    4 EUR

    Two day ticket:
    7 EUR

    With your ticket for the trade fair Edelsteintage, you can also visit the trade fair Balance 2020

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    Project Director
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