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Exhibitor statements

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Exhibitor statements

EAS Edles aus Stein

Sabine Becht


For individualists with aspiration for good quality, originality and creativity, off mass-produced goods, I fabricate especially for you personal jewellery according to your wishes and measures. You can also enjoy my welfare programme with precious stones and personal consultation of gemstones, gemstone massages, cristal medidation and much more. In terms of DNB ® consultant of naturopathy and gemstones, I can show you different possibilities to reduce stress and create more energie. I look forward to meeting you in person... Find out more at www.Edles-aus-Stein.de

CaSa Amberes und Goldmarie Schmuck

Franklin Rodriguezfranklin350_304891_


offer* jewellery: individual in-house production in silver and gold, adaption and fabrication according to your wishes. *
emeralds from the company Greenfire: precious emeralds from Columbia, rare emerald levels, elegant emerald jewellery. www.casa-amberes.de

B-strickt Schmuck

Bärbel FalkFalk2_314520_


Old handicraft technology and beautiful gemstones and pearls are my passion. As goldsmith, I specialise in jewellery made of gold and silver wire and I combine my work with beautiful gemstones and pearls. I present my unique pieces at exhibitions and markets. I will participate at the Gemstones Expo in Offenburg for the first time and I look forward to my participation! You can find a first impression at: www.mediation-falk.de

Gemini Gemstones, Claudia Blanken - Edelsteine Schmuck & Perlen

Claudia BlankenGemini Gemstones_Claudia Blanken.

„We have our head office in Kirchweiler near Idar-Oberstein and are working in the gemstone businesse since more than 25 years. In addition to freshwater and saltwater pearls, we specialise in high quality coloured gemstones and gemtone jewellery out of ruby, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, tanzanites and aquamarines that we directly purchase from the grinding shop.

During the past two years, we could already establish great customer contacts at the Gemstones Expo and we hope to intensify them as well as to win new customers. We really look forward to the the Gemstones Expo in Offenburg this year and we bring lots of new gemstone creations and precious gems."

Edelsteinhaus Erwin Hess e.K.

Martin HessK800_Hand_mit

Managing director

„We, Edelsteinhaus Erwin Hess, are part of the prestigious handicraft families of the grinding handicraft since generations. At our house, you can find a variety of gemstones, jewellery and minerals.

Thanks to the location in Kirschweiler near the jewellery metropolis Idar-Oberstein and a qualified partnering company, we can offer you high-quality gemstones as well as individually created jewellery.  

Discover the variety and beauty of gemstones, jewellery and minerals - we look forward to your visit".