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The Corona challenge in the country and the world unfortunately does not allow us to rest. In view of the current developments, we can unfortunately no longer assume that the Gemstone Expo in March will take place in an approximately normal and promising manner.

Therefore we decided early on to cancel the Gemstone Expo Offenburg 2021. There will be no new alternative date and the event will probably not be held at the Expo Offenburg or the time being.



Around 60 international top exhibitors from more than 15 countries and 5 continents present a top-class selection of gemstones from around the world, crystals, rare mineral degrees, raw stones, collector items, creative jewelery (with gemstones and jewels). A selection of fossils, meteorites, specialist literatur, sea shells, healing stones, tools and gift articles complete the broad and high-quality products on offer.

While professional visitors can find information about new trends and purchase new products, the Gemstones Expo Offenburg offers private visitors, collectors, lovers of jewelery, mineralogists and mineral lovers a unique adventure weekend around the treasures of nature. Use this opportunity to get into a conversation or into business with likeminded collectors, international merchants and experts.

We invite you to discover and experience the fascinating world of minerals, fossils and gemstones. If you are looking for something very special - you will definitely find it at the Gemstones Expo Offenburg.

This "adventure world" is completed by an attractive framework programme and a bistro for a culinary enjoyment.

The Exhibition Center is situated at only two kilometers from the freeway exit Offenburg (A5) and visitor parking spaces are available directly opposite of the hall 1. Moreover, there is an excellent connection to the public transportation system.

Parallel to the Gemstones Expo Offenburg, the Balance - fair for health and quality of life takes place in the Oberrheinhalle and Ortenauhalle. The health-conscious public can get an overview of fitness and sport, medicine and therapy, health and nutrition, wellness, beauty and tourism.

Emphasis on offers

Gemstones - pure fascination

Gemstones are stones of this world - colourful, sparkling and fascinating for all generations! And the range of gemstones is diverse and multifaceted: dazzling opals, unique rubies, sapphires, emeralds, precious aquamarines and tourmalines impress with their brilliance and color diversity. Thus, you will find everything that your heart desires from precious stones and cabochons to exclusive jewels. Experience the fascinating world of gemstones and get in touch with goldsmiths, gemstone retailers and jewelery designers...

Minerals - treasures of nature in perfection

Whether you are already a collector or simply want to be amazed - the treasures of nature will quickly catch you in their spell. At the Gemstones Expo Offenburg you will experience precious crystals, raw stones, mineral and crystal levels of fantastic colors and shapes. Rare tanzanites, tourmalines, rock crystals and aquamarine levels impress with their natural beauty, perfection and timeless elegance. Be impressed by the diverse world of minerals and perhaps a piece of earth history from Namibia, India or China will find a new home in your showcase...

Fossils - earth history to touch

Fossils are fossilized remainings or imprints of early animals, fish, insects and even plants. They are mostly kept by museums and passionate collectors. However nowadays, fossils are also bought by connoisseurs as a fashionable lifestyle accessorie due to their aesthetic beauty: Thus, beautiful ammonites, trilobites and sea lilies from Madagascar and Morocco as well as native limestone slabs from Solnhofen will enter many living rooms. For young collectors, there are fossilized shark teeth (megalodon), fish, snails and small ammonites and trilobites for an affordable price.


At the Gemstones Expo Offenburg, you have the opportunity to meet numerous jewelers from Germany and abroad. Offered are: gemstone strands in amethyst, aquamarines, rock crystals, citrine, fire opal, garnet, iolite, moonstone, ruby, sapphire and emerald - to name just a few stone varieties. The offer of already manufactured jewelery like gemstone necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings in gold or silver with or without stone is as diverse as attractive. You are welcome to let unique designs be manufactured to your own wishes. 
Pearls in all variations can also be found at the exhibition - from loose freshwater pearls and acoya pearls to exclusive pearl jewelery. Lovers of pearls should not miss this event!
Creative people who like to design their own jewelery can choose from a wide range of accessories such as gemstone and pearl strings, jewelery wire, pearl silk, silver and silver-plated intermediate parts.

Ticket prices

Tickets will be available soon!

* Owners of the LeserPlus-Card, LeserPlus-SparCoupon, retirees, students, disabled persons (with a "B" in the ID card the accompanying person is free of charge), from 4 pm recuded price for everyone. Discounts are not combinable.

Children until 14 years are free of charge if accompanied by an adult.

At the box office you can pay with Douglas thalers or 1 Mark thalers from the Stadtapotheke Kehl (1 thaler = 0,50 EUR)


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    There will be no alternative date for the cancelled Gemstone Expo 2021.

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